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Marvel API Comic Search

Marvel Comic Search Website

Comic Search Website Using Official Marvel API

             Marvel Comic Hero Search Engine - find comics from your favorite heroes. Users can register, login and search any character in the Marvel Universe. They can see previews of all their comics and able to add it to their post section. In post you can see all the users added comics. This site is not designed well or have alot of functionality as of yet. It was my first time trying an complex data API. I've learn alot from doing this project in a week and have bigs plans to continue this site.

User Experience and Story

             The goal of this website is intended for a Marvel fans to be able to easily search for a comic character and find more information about them like all the comics they were in or the different series. For avid comic reader I wanted to make an read list site so users can create a wishlist of comics to read and list of comics they have read. I would like to add more pages and sections of all the characters so users can click and browse to learn more about the superhero.

Demo the site Click Here!


             Technologies used for making this website is React.js framework. The site demonstrates the MERN stack with using React front end with Express, Mongoose, MongoDB for the back end. The site is styled with using Bulma library. Deployment and Integrated Tools used were Github and Heroku.

View Front End Code Click Here!

View Back End Code Click Here!

What I've Learned From This Project

Marvel Comic Search

Goals To Enhance This Project

- Keep working on the design, use the API to pull images from each section and design it for the home placeholder .

- Use the API to have a better search filter

- Use API to see previews of the comic

- Fix Font for entire page

- Add loading animations

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