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Nordic Sail

Nordic Sail

JavaScript Game - Oregon Trail Inspired

             Based on the classic game Oregon Trail. Help your viking clan survive and raid until they reach their journey back home. This is a text-based browser JavaScript game and my first time making a game. I developed this game as one of my first projects in my coding boot camp.

How To Play

             The goal of the game is to reach back to your viking village before you lose your entire clan. Different events will appear and allow the player to control the choices they want to do to ensure their clan's safety such as buying provisions or attempt a raid. Hint: Thinking like a viking will help the success of winning the game.

- Goal: Survive to 1000 distance and try to bring as much loot back to your home

- Clans are the number of vikings in your party, if it reach 0 the game is over.

- Food is necessary to keep your Clan members alive!

- Find gold by raiding to use in the shop to purchase goods to help your survival.

- Survive raids, lower weapon damage has higher chance to lose more clan members in battle.

- Having more ships allows your group to carry more loot!

Demo the game Click Here!


             Technologies used for making this game is primarily HTML 5, CSS 3, and Vanilla JavaScript. The game demonstrates Document Object Model manipulation with JavaScript. Animations and styling were made with CSS keyframes and Flexbox. The images were free game assets and Photoshop. Deployment was done through Github and Github Pages.

View Code Click Here!

What I've Learned From This Project

             I've created this game in a week after studying Javascript for 2 weeks. This is the very first game I ever created, and gave me such an learning experience. I based this game off an tamagotchi project and used the same logic of decreasing health bars based on a timer. This game is very similar, there are many stats that will decrease over time, however by adding random generated events it can add more resources to keep the counter positive. If the counter reaches 0 the game is over. The game is no way near the best but it was a fun experience to combine an old childhood game I love with a theme I never saw before. I plan to go back to this game in the future and refactor some code. I originally made this with alot of objects but understand I can condense it into more clean classes and maybe try to rewrite this using canvas.

Goals To Enhance This Project

- Refactor code to be D.R.Y-er

- Convert from vanilla js into JQuery

- Different modes easy, medium, hard

- Interactive player avatar choices

- Gui interface


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