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Online Gaming Community Site

Community Gaming Website

ARK: Survival Evolved - Community Gaming Website

            Online Community site for the game ARK- Survival Evovled. The site contains all the information a player would need to join the online community. It displays the server's ip addresses for each map, mod list, server rules and conduct.

User Experience and Story

             The goal of this website is intended for a community based online platform for a specified game (ARK: Survival Evolved). Some online games allows players to create and host their own servers e.g. Gary's Mod, ARK, Conan Exiles, with custom mods. Large communities usually have an community site or based on a Guild Host - Clan Website that has same standard layout, or a cluttered Discord. I wanted to design an clean, simple, modern website that will have all the needs for a gaming community.

Demo the site Click Here!


             Technologies used for making this website is primarily HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap 4 framework. The site demonstrates some CSS pseudo classes and ability to use a popular front-end framework. The images were edited through Adobe Spark and style with CSS Grid. Deployment and Integrated Tools used were Github and Netlify.

View Code Click Here!

What I've Learned From This Project

I built this site in a week off and on while job applying. I wanted to get faster at coding and keep practicing the basic for a simple site and delivery it in an timely manner. I build this as a mock up design for a general community site and plan to change if I ever had someone interested in their own custom gaming site.

Goals To Enhance This Project

Implement a /forums route and connect a forums by using myBB.

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