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Real Estate Platform

Real Estate Platform Website

The Money Team- Real Estate Platform Website

                 This is a Real Estate Inspired Responsive Website W / Express, Node.js, MongoDB, GoogleAPI, Bcrypt, Express-Session.  Users are able to search areas for home that are for sale in the area. Realtors can post their listings and recieve message from potential buyers. This was a group project we did for our second website for our coding boot camp within a week. I contributed on the simple layout, the back-end routes for the listed houses and realtors, authentication for login sessions and registration authorizations.

User Experience and Story

- Our site allows users to browses for Houses, Apartments, and Condos and filter out their search based on their selection without having to log in. Users can not edit information. They can see individual listing with the realtor's information. They would have to contact the realtor to learn more about the listing.

- If a realtor wants to display their houses on the site, they would have to log in and register. Once they made an account. They have access to edit their listing and contact info.

- We also have an admin page to remove or change realtors on our edit to prevent scams.We plan to implement an message to the realtor let them know they have go through a process of verification on our end before they can be a realtor user.

Demo the site Click Here!


             Technologies used for making this website is primarily HTML/CSS/JS with Materalize CSS as the style library. The site demonstrates ability to use Google Maps Api to search for houses that are added to our website. The site is fully functional with user having the ability to register as a user or realtor to browser or post listings. Realtors will be need to be approved first, once a realtor a user can see your listings and will be able to send you a contact form. The images were off google images and we used adobe sketch to do a quick mock up of the layout shown in the The back-end utilizes mongoose and mongoDB, express, node.js, with express-session and Bcrypt for authentication. Deployment and Integrated Tools used were Github and Heroku.

View Code Click Here!

What I've Learned From This Project

Goals To Enhance This Project

- Realtors can display multiple pictures for their listing.

- Adding a redirect to registration with a module to allow the new realtor about the time it takes to verify their account and accept to use our site.

- Make it more stylish!

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